Either you came to rest at our pension, or you are just here for Moldovan traditional meal, we are always happy to prepare special dishes for you. We prepare meals for small and big groups, for all ages and preferences. All products are ecological — grown and harvested from our garden.

The dishes are so delicious that they will make your mouth water.

We have a restaurant with the capacity of 100 people, where we serve the most varied dishes:  pies, “sarmale” (a traditional Moldovan food), “zeama” (a kind of soup), “mamaliga” (made of hominy) and many others.

We have 3 main meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu is adapted according to the season and the guests’ preferences.


Micul Dejun

Breakfast: We start our mornings with an energy dose. We have tea, coffee, milk and we combine them with pancakes, omelette, jam and any other variations that you may want. A morning full of energy is a key to productivity for the whole day!



Lunch: In the afternoon, we enjoy chicken soup with homemade noodles, vegetable soup or “mamaliga” with meat. We can add other options to the menu. It’s important to us to keep you satisfied and happy.



Dinner: It’s said that dinner is the wrap up of the day. We prepare traditional dishes like “sarmale”,” placinte” (pies stuffed with cheese), baked vegetables, bunny with noodles. As it’s evening, we delight our guests with wine from our household