2nd floor

Double room "Feel warm around the fire"

In the cold winters, our guests get warmer in this room. The warm ambience and the wooden handmade furniture give a rustic accent to the room. It’s very colourful because of the traditional carpets on the walls and on the floor. The price for one night stay for 2 persons is 1000 MDL and it covers:

Double room “Feel warm around the fire”



Parking spaces are arranged

2 sleeping places/night

We offer 2 sleeping places per night


Breakfast included in the Restaurant


No smoking inside, Air conditioning


*bed linen and personal hygiene products




Cable TV

Separate bathroom

*separate bathroom

1. Double apartment "In the bosom of one’s family"

This double apartment is perfect for families and big groups.

Double room "Love nest"

This room is mostly preferred by couples and youth

Double room "Magic chest"

This room hides secrets, not only in the chest, but also in all stories shared here.

Double room "Feel warm around the fire"

In the cold winters, our guests get warmer in this room.

Double room "Cradle"

This space reminds of childhood. Our ancestors went to work in the yard after they had put their babies in the cradles to rest.

Double room "Grandmother’s dowry"

Floral carpets are a visit card of the Moldovan houses.

Guests’ Feedback

„This is more a home that just accommodation. The family is really nice and helpful. Also, we took the meals at the pension, because there is no other place to eat closer. Food was very tasty and wine...oh, even better!”

Andreja, Slovenia

„ Everything was great. We loved the atmosphere full of peace and quiet – the birds were singing, the air was so fresh, that we could be far to city’s traffic. The food was really good, we had breakfast included, that was very consistent, and we even ordered here lunch and dinner. Everything was better than we expected!”

Elizaveta, Germania

„We enjoyed our stay at this rural and beautiful pension, Casa din Lunca. The rooms were clean, with a fantastic view from the windows, meals were varied and delicious. A big thank to the hosts, they gave us all the best! ”

Victor, Moldova

„The pension looks very authentic, without TV in the room, that was a big plus. The food was great and thanks to some circumstances we had a remarkable experience. During our stay, here was filmed a commercial, and we took part in it, walking with the horse-drawn carriage in the village, with a group of girls singing folk. When you go down to the river, there is a rural, natural and even wild landscape, a truly visual satisfaction! ”

Ioana, România

„At the pension, there is an authentic Moldovan atmosphere, where you can enjoy good food and of course homemade wine, prepared in a special way. The room was beautifully decorated, with woven carpets and with a mattress on a hot surface, called „lezanka”.The hosts were nice and they helped us to get to the church on the hill and they have shown us the surroundings. We enjoyed the village and whole hystorical complex Old Orhei, but also the wonderful landscapes around the pension.”

Anastasia, Italia