Orheiul Vechi

Discover Old Orhei:

Casa din Lunca is situated in a picturesque zone near the Raut River. It’s a part of the historical and archaeological complex Old Orhei.
A lot of places to be seen and discovered can be found close to the complex. Here are some of them:

Historical and archaeological complex Old Orhei

  • Geto-Dacian defense waves
  • Vestiges of the Stone House
  • Vestiges of the Medieval Citadel
  • Exhibition center
  • Vestiges of Old Orhei’s Palace
  • Vestiges of Tatar bath
  • Sari Caravan Vestiges
  • The vestiges of the mosque
  • Pestere and Bosie’s monasteries
  • The remains of the Geto-Dacian sanctuary
  • Schitul lui Rafail
  • The Rafail Hermitage

Branesti wine cellars

The Trebujeni countryside and Scoc, Potârca, Selitra promontories


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