From winter to autumn we have a random and exciting entertainment program — from horse-drawn carriage rides to boating. There are permanent and seasonal activities. It’s essential that we try to convey the true values and traditions of our nation.

Activities during winter

We also provide various interesting activities when it’s frightful and snowing outside. Some of which are:

  • Skating on the river
  • Horse-drawn sleigh rides
  • Carols
  • Sowing
  • Other traditional winter customs

Spring activities

When the nature awakens, we are alive and full of energy for new activities. In spring — the season of birds’ chirping and snowdrops — we have the following activities:

  • Easter
  • Egg painting and decoration
  • Decorated tree
  • Eggs on the river
  • Riding in the swing

Summer activities

Summer is fulfilled with activities, with a lot of sun and green grass. We are excited to invite our guests to the following occupations:

  • Boating
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides
  • Excursions to the countryside Trebujeni with or without a guide
  • Excursions to the Old Orhei

Autumn activities

There is a saying in Romanian — „Toamna se numără bobocii” — which means that one gets the reward after a working year in autumn. We harvest the crops together with our guests. Some of the tasks are:

  • Grapes harvesting
  • Grapes processing
  • Workshop for husk crafting
  • Baking bread and pastries